Welcome to this house that from now on is yours too. Therefore, remember to take care of the little rules to follow; these aren't only rules provided from the regulations, but above all these are rules dictated by common sense and by mutual respect. Below you can find a few basic rules to know and follow.


Each guest has to show an identification document ( Passport or Identity Card ) in order to allow for registration and communications at competent offices.

The room is available from 03:00 PM, nevertheless, it is possible to concur with other possible timetables with the person in charge of the B&B.

Payment relating to the overnight stay and tourist taxes has to be paid in advance by cash or by POS, in order to allow the guests' occupation.

The several keys belonging to the B&B ( doorway key, front door key and room key ) will be delivered and a remote control and a garage key will also be delivered, if they are required. In case of loss, a penalty of € 100,00 is imposed and will charged to the guest.


Guests are asked to respect all other people in the B&B, avoiding any kind of disturbance.

Avoid leaving any kind of unattended objects both in the hallways and common areas; the b&b is not liable for any lost property.

Do not bring weapons, alcohol or drugs into the internal and external areas of the b&b.

Animals are allowed after first asking permission from the B&B, but it is strictly forbidden to leave them unattended in any areas of the environment, to let them to jump up on the bed and to let them to ruin the goods of the structure.

Smoking is strictly forbidden.

The guests of the b&b are required to respect the following times:

  • Beakfast from 08:30 to 10:00 in the common kitchen.
  • Daily cleaning of each room from 10:30 AM to 02:00 PM. If the room is still occupied during this time, the cleaning will be carried out the next day.
  • A proper and civilian use of the several environments is recommended:

  • In the room: turn off the lights and the electrical equipment; do not eat food and do not turn on the stoves or flames of any kind; no smoking.
  • In the bathroom: turn off the lights and the electrical equipment; close the taps; utilize the dustbin, avoiding to throw anything in the WC and in the other discharges.
  • In the kitchen / living room: respect the forniture; the household appliances; and the dishes provided.

    The rooms must be vacated before 10:30.

    Any delay regarding the time specified above will incur an additional night's charge.

    Rooms with bathrooms must be left in the same state in which the guest had found and accepted it at the moment of the check­in.


    Eventual damages caused to the b&b by people, animals or things must be indemnified according to the conditions made by the person in charge.

    It is not allowed to bring into the building other people who are not registered as guests.



    333 7674461 / 340 5707923